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DID Configuration and scenarios


If Customer wants to receive DID call on their registered SIP extension then needs to set call type DID-Local. This type will route call to Local SIP extension.


If you want to route call on other PBX



If you want to route call on same DID/Extension number which registered on other PBX server.


If you wish to route call to custom destination






Wish to route call to PSTN Number


If you wish to route call to asterisk/other PBX server and if you need to use caller id in header content then use this call type by setting one of the sip device of Nexocto which is registered as trunk on asterisk/other PBX server.


DID-Local and SIP-DID call-type can send calls to multiple destination simultaneously as well as one after another.


If Destination string is ‘12345,78904’ than system will try to send call to both destination simultaneously, whichever receives first call will be established with it.

If Destination string is ‘12345|78904’ (with pipe sign) than system will try to send the call first to 12345 and if not received there than send the call to 78904.

You may also use comma and pipe sign together in string as per your usage.

Example scenario

You own a number in Canada where you receive incoming calls, suppose you have to travel and work in Barbados for 1-2 Month’s, but you still need to receive your calls to the Canadian number!!
How you can do that?
1) First of all, you will need to verify if your Local telecommunication company can forward all incoming calls to a Canadian local DID number
2) Once the Canadian DID receives incoming call it should forward the call via SIP to Nexocto our server afterwards will send the call to a registered IP Phone in Barbados which is registered and owns an account in our Server

That way you will pay only for a local call in Canada and monthly DID fees. And you will receive all incoming calls in an IP Phone

Alternative you can use your Mobile with any compatible SIP application. Keep in mind for that option you will need a very good 4 G data connection

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